Only one

The only memory


This story is about sarge telling Roxy about his mom , and telling her somethings he knows about her .


"What was you're mom like "? Roxy asked looking at sarge . 

"She was like an Angel her voice was warming and her sparkle in her eyes lights me up , I always hear this noise that sounds like my moms voice , whenever I hear that noise I get this feeling she is close by it sounds peaceful, it sounds like this 🎶 LA ,la,  la  ,la ,la ,la ,LA wow oh wow ooo 🎵." sarge said softly .

" she sounds really nice I wish I got to know her " Roxy said .

"How did  She die " ? Asked Roxy.

Sarge was quite and almost about to cry .

" I don't really know what happened I was really young and my dad won't tell me " sarge said with tears coming out of his eyes .

" since your crying let's go home eat to see if that can takes your mind off of your mom " Roxy said softly .

Sarge : OK .