Solomon is one of PrinceBalto's OC's.
Solomon king of new york

An actual German shepherd standing in for him.

About him

Solomon is a rather large and very handsome male German shepherd created by PrinceBalto. He is the main, though not sole, protagonist of PrinceBalto's canine crossover storyline. He is the mate of Rita from Oliver and Company, and, together, they reign as king and queen of the dogs of New York. They have two pups together, Bolt and Maya. He and Rita were friends as puppies, and are very close romantically now.

Alternate fanon ideas

  • In the world of PrinceBalto fanon, there are two alternate storylines for him: one is that he was in a version of Oliver and Company from the start, and the other was that he met Rita afterward.

Voice actors in PrinceBalto's mind

  • Pup- Max Charles (The voice of Kion in The Lion Guard)
  • Adult- Christian Bale (The portrayer of Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings)


  • He is named after the Biblical ruler King Solomon.