Rita is the female lead of Disney's Oliver and Company.
Rita Hottie

Rita from Oliver and Company

About herEdit

Rita is a beautiful female Sa'luki. She has an excellent singing voice and is the object of attraction for the villainous Doberman Roscoe. She is the sole female among Fagin's dogs.

In fanonEdit

Rita plays a prominent role in PrinceBalto's canine crossover, in which she is the mate to PrinceBalto's character Solomon and the mother of their two pups, Maya and Bolt. She is royalty among the dogs, their queen, as Solomon is their king. She and Solomon adore one another deeply.

Voice actresses in PrinceBalto fanonEdit

  • Pup- Diamond White (The voice of Fuli in The Lion Guard)
  • Adult- Sheryl Lee Ralph (Her actual voice actress in Oliver and Company)