A song for Revan and Lupe wolf

Th (50)

There stood a girl that just like you !


This song is for Lupe wolf and Prince balto , I wrote this song to tell them that they will aways be a happy couple .in this song lupe plays well Lupe wolf and Revan plays Nick .


Nick :🎵 My Herat was over sized , my eyes were blind when I look at you , and that I found you ! You'll be my girl foverever ,

Lupe : My dreams were over do the day I meet you because the only thing I've been dreaming about is you !!!

Nick: before we did our  proposal to get married , I looked into your eyes and said " you are heaven this must be all a dream because I never seen anything as pretty as you girl !someone help me I'm falling of a sickness called " love struck " .

Lupe: I think I falling for it to , my Herat never felt the same when I meet you !!! 

Both : somebody catch us catch us we have falling into a awesome sickness called  " love struck " I know sounds fake but it happened , and I want to keep it ! Oh , oh , oh , woooow ,oh , oh , oh .

Nick : loving you is something no one can change because your my girl and no one  can still ours heart's away from each other !

Lupe : when I'm crying I'll know you'll be there to make sure I will be okay !

Lupe : and I'll be  there for you too because I love you ! Ohh ! 

Nick :I will watch over you like a guraden Angel , because your way to cute to lose and I would hate to lose your cute pretty face !!

Lupe : Our heart's beat as one and I will keep our hearts like that foverever .

Both : our kind love will last foverever even in heaven and forever and foverever .