This version of Fox McCloud is the heroine of PrinceBalto's version of Star Fox.
Hot Female Fox McCloud

Fox McCloud as a female

About her

In PrinceBalto's remake of Star Fox, Star Fox: Vixen of the Stars, Fox McCloud is reimagined as an unbelivably gorgeous female fox. Fox is the daughter of James and Vixy McCloud and the elder sister of Krystal McCloud. Fox has an exceptionally gorgeous body, very long, flowing, thick, luxurious, silken, dark brown hair, large and vibrant emerald green eyes. Except for her eye color, she resembles a younger version of her mother Vixy, from whom she got her looks and physical attributes. She is a talented pilot and fighter. She is romantically involved with a male wolf named Dante O'Donnell, the nephew of pilot and crime boss Wolf O'Donnell, who, unlike his uncle, is a protagonist. She and Dante share the same birthday, and are next-door neighbors.


  • James McCloud- Father
  • Vixy McCloud- Mother
  • Krystal McCloud- Sister


  • Her voice sounds similar to Princess Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin.
  • Krystal is the sister of this version of Fox.
  • She was the first one to call Krystal "Lady Blue", which their other friends quickly picked up.
  • Her other friends include Fay Karpyshyn the Cocker spaniel, Miyu Luceno the lynx, Katt Monroe the house cat and Fara Phoenix the Fennec fox.

Voice actors in PrinceBalto's mind

  • Kit- Della Saba (The voice of young Judy Hopps in Zootopia)
  • Teen/young adult- Linda Larkin (The voice of Jasmine in Aladdin)