Draco is the son of Krypto and Brainy Barker in PrinceBalto's Krypto crossover.
Draco son of Krypto and Brainy Barker

An actual Labrador/Afghan mutt standing in for him

About him

Draco is the mixed-breed son of Krypto the superdog and his mate, Brainy Barker. Born when Brainy decided to step down from leadership of the Dog Star Patrol, Draco got his name because of his power: fire manipulation, expressed through being able to spew fire from his mouth. This was first recognized the day he was born, when, while being held by Brainy, he sneezed, causing a fiery spark to jump out. This startled his parents, but they then named him Draco, for he had dragon-like abilities. Time passed and he grew into a happy pup. It was around this time that Draco got a brand new adoptive sibling: a small, pink female canine who Krypto and Brainy named Tamar, but grew to be Nicknamed Mammoth Mutt due to her abilities of bodily inflation. While the creation and manipulation of fire is his primary power, he inherited super strength and flight from Krypto and levitation and telekinesis from Brainy. He loves his little sister dearly and will do anything to protect her. He is, as an adult, romantically involved with Dixie (from The Fox and the Hound 2). He serves as a proud superhero like his parents.


  • Krypto (Father)
  • Hadassah/Brainy Barker (Mother)
  • Tamar/Mammoth Mutt (Adoptive younger sister)

Romantic interests

  • Dixie (Girlfriend/future mate)

Voice actors in PrinceBalto's mind

  • Puppy- Kath Soucie (Played the young Nick Wilde in Zootopia)
  • Adult- Val Kilmer (Voiced Moses in The Prince of Egypt)